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— Pray for TeenStreet —

Before and during TeenStreet we are sending out prayer emails to interested friends, supporters, churches and families. We appreciate your prayers and would be happy, if you would subscribe:

English Prayer Mail

German Prayer Mail

— Give to TeenStreet —

Thank you for your interest in giving towards the ministry of TeenStreet.
We can offer you the following methods of giving:


You can give money online over PayPal by clicking the following button.

Home office

You can give money to the TeenStreet ministry over your local OM office. Please ask your home office for details.

You can give directly via the following local OM offices online as well:
Donations via OM Germany: http://www.d.om.org/unterstuetzen/geben.html
Donations via OM UK: http://www.uk.om.org/giving/giving-through-om.html
Donations via OM NL: http://www.nl.om.org/donatie/donatie.html

Text message

This service is only available with german mobile service providers!

Text TeenStreet to 81190 to give 3 Euros*
Text TeenStreet5 to 81190 to give 5 Euros*

*17 cent of your support go to the service provider. Additional charges for the text apply.

We thank Burda Wireless for providing this service.